Sweden: European paradigm of quality of life

It´s called “Lagom”, and it’s the Scandinavian secret to a healthier lifestyle and, in general, a better quality of life.

 What is the meaning of this word?

“Lagom” is a Swedish word that  encourages a balanced and moderate approach to various aspects of life, including work, leisure, relationships, and self-care. It promotes the idea of finding contentment and satisfaction with what is just enough, without striving for excess or perfection.

It’s about being content with what is sufficient and avoiding excess.

This involves terms related to:

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Health and Wellness
  • Home Environment
  • Sustainable Living

As one of the world´s top countries in terms of life quality, Sweden is a source of inspiration to other European nations. This is reflected in the “Better Life Index”, a report published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) that showcases the world´s best lifestyles. One of Sweden’s secrets to achieving such high levels of well-being is its “slow life”  approach – essentially, taking things easy and focusing on being mindful and aware. Swedish author Linnea Dunne coined the term “Lagom”, which links balance and moderation with physical and mental self-care. “The more you take care of yourself, the better you’ll be able to take care of others and the better the quality of your work will be”, the author explains.

Aligned closely with self-care is the Swedish passion for saunas and cold baths. The latter is very important because they help release noradrenaline, a precursor to adrenaline that, among other things, enhances the ability to concentrate, decreases stress levels, alleviates pain, triggers euphoria, boosts fat burning, and lightens the mood. According to data from Euromonitor International, Swedes also have a profound awareness of the value in healthy eating and nutritional supplementation, indicating a growing concern for their overall health and well-being. They embrace a holistic approach to personal care that covers all aspects of life.

Based on a study by the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, the secret to the Swedes’ “longevity and health is physical activity”, to the extent that the latest United Nations index ranks Sweden as the best place in the world to age.

Nordberg Medical: Regenerative Medicine Made in Sweden

There is a clear connection between longer life expectancy and Nordberg Medical´s work in biotechnology and research on regenerative medicine products. This Swedish way of life is reflected in the company’s approach to science: awareness, balance,  quality, and craftsmanship in service of the medical-scientific community and its patients.Regenerative medicine focuses on rejuvenating and slowing down the degeneration of the various mechanisms within the human body. If species like sharks can replace their teeth over 15,000 times in their lifetime or marine species can completely regenerate their bodies, imagine what this fascinating branch of medicine can achieve whenHealth and well-being are absolute priorities in a community.

Some recent examples?

Organ regeneration with 3D printing, blood plasma rejuvenation, or stem cell reproduction are some other examples encompassed by regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is expected to advance almost twice as much in the next 50 years as in the last 50. And Sweden is leading the way in this new paradigm.