AMWC Monaco: Epicentre of Cutting-Edge Aesthetic Medicine

27-29 March 2024: The Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo hosted AMWC Monaco (Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress), where the aesthetics industry gathered to showcase the latest innovations within these medical domains. 

This year, the focus was on emerging rejuvenation trends in Aesthetics and the potential of regenerative medicine in this field. Nordberg Medical made a notable appearance with the introduction of JULÄINE, a next-generation bio-stimulator capable of activating natural collagen production in the skin, preserving beauty safely, effectively, and with long-term results. This event not only allowed for the sharing of advances regarding the poly-L-lactic acid offered by JULÄINE but also provided valuable insights from the booth located in stand F15, where Nordberg Medical linked with industry leaders and examined the innovations at hand. 

According to Esperanza Casas, the company’s Marketing Director, “Our greatest benefit from attending AMWC Monaco is being able to meet with doctors from around the world and to share with them the significant advancement represented by JULÄINE, a bio-stimulator designed to lead the evolution of the aesthetic medical sector by offering a wellness-beauty concept. The patient rejuvenates from the inside out with a product that is natural, pure, and biodegradable.”

Unique Science with the power to improve lives

Committed to providing effective and ethical solutions from Sweden, each Nordberg Medical product is specifically intended for the satisfaction of its patients.  By listening to the needs and concerns of professionals, the company strengthened its commitment to developing unique, high-level solutions that improve patients’ lives. This learning-focused approach allowed for the identification of new gateways and challenges in regenerative medicine, an industry where collaboration with the medical community is crucial to driving excellence.

Based in the Scientific Park of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Nordberg Medical offers high-quality bio-functional materials manufactured with state-of-the-art biotechnology. JULÄINE, the brand’s first product available in Europe, with CE certification and manufactured in Sweden, exemplifies the commitment to advancing regenerative medicine responsibly and with dedication,  driven to enhance people’s comfort and wellness. 

Specialising in biotechnological production processes and the marketing of next-generation biomaterials geared toward the future, Nordberg is in the midst of international expansion, already operating in Sweden, Spain, and Germany, with plans to expand to other European countries throughout 2024.